Window Treatments for Curved and Arched Windows

In Florida in particular, architects and builders love to put in large windows with semi-circular glass above the square window. This creates a logistical problem when it comes to window treatments…where does the rod go?  Above the arch? Between the arched window and the square/rectangular one underneath on the ‘transome’?

Here are a couple of ‘tricks’ that I use when designing window treatments for this style of window.

This window treatment was drawn for a client with arched windows.
This window treatment was drawn for a client with arched windows.

First, make sure you don’t ‘cut off’ the window by putting the rod at the transome, especially with low ceilings as this will ‘cut-off’ your visual scope and make the ceiling look even lower making the room feel smaller.  The rods can be placed above the arch instead, lengthening the windows.

You want to draw the eye upwards to the ceiling therefore making the window and the room feel larger, and more spacious without loosing the architectural details of the arch, of course.

The cornice boards are placed above the arch to maintain visual interest.

Here is a treatment I used for my client recently, who had a more modern/transitional decor style. I simply dressed both sides of the window with cascading panels and small cornice boards.  As the blinds addressed the privacy issues, the drapes simply enhanced the decor by adding color and texture to the room.

Medallions placed above the arch.
Medallions placed above the arch.

Medallions are also a good alternative, especially for a more traditional or Mediterranean they can be very ornate.  This is also good for clients that wish to reduce the light coming through a window or need to have the ability to close them. Tassels can be hung to add even more detail to the medallions.

When I work with a client to design their dream window treatments, I always provide several sketches of the client’s windows and what the treatments will look like. Please contact me at 321.368.5138 or Design, Drapes, and Decor for more information on my custom window treatments.

– Cindy


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