Faux Stenciling…Saves Hours!

If you are as busy as I am, then you’ll appreciate this quick and easy way to get a fabulous “hand painted stencil look” for your accent piece.

Accent Piece
Accent Piece

1) I had some cream “wallpaper with gold leaf” pattern gathering dust in the corner of my design studio that I decided to use. Find some wallpaper that you have available, either vinyl or paper.

2) Paint the entire piece the color of the background of the wallpaper. In this case I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Old White.

3) I ‘mog-poged’ (decoupaged / glued on) wallpaper to the top of the piece and door panels. When it was dry I put a ‘watery’ coat of decoupage over the wallpaper, especially on the edges of the paper on the top so it wouldn’t start to peel off). Let dry.

photo 3

4) I put a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Clear Wax over the entire piece.

5) Distress the piece as you desire.

photo 1

6) After distressing I added a mixture of Dark Wax and Clear Wax to different areas of the piece.

7) All done! I always love to add the “jewelry” at the end.

photo 2

– Cindy


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